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White Sound - Chapter Eleven :iconanimonstar:Animonstar 0 0
White Sound - Chapter Ten
Josh flinched at the sound of Calvin’s deep bark as it ripped him from his deep sleep. He cursed when he saw how late it was. There was a loud knock at the front door and Josh groaned in frustration. He dragged his feet across the loft as Calvin trotted ahead of him, his nails clipping the wood floor. Josh opened the door and didn’t even know how to react to who he saw standing there.
“Hey,” Madison said quietly.
He rubbed his eye, still very disoriented. “Madison?”
She nodded and looked down.
“What’re you doing here?” he asked groggily.
“I, uh…couldn’t sleep. Can I come in?”
He let her in and tried hard to focus. “What’s going on?”
She sat down on his couch as if she lived there and Calvin joined her, moving around on the cushions clumsily before settling next to her. “I’m sorry,” she said, seeing how tired and confused Josh was. “I didn’t mean to disturb you,
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White Sound - Chapter Nine
About two hours passed before Madison finally calmed down. Josh had been afraid she might throw up all over him, she was crying so much. Somewhere during that time she had migrated to sitting between his legs, a position he never thought a stubborn hardhead like her would be in, but she was so vulnerable right now, it didn’t even matter. His arms were wrapped around her securely, her hands on his slightly bent legs. He had already made his peace with the fact that she would probably go back to being her usual blunt, closed off self, and that he would never get the chance to be this close to her again.
The police where outside and everybody knew it. Josh thought back to every crime drama he had ever seen and figured that the dilemma was this: if they got in, people would die. Negotiation was still an option, so why hadn’t they tried that yet? He was becoming restless. Sitting still for long periods of time was not something he was fond on. He busied his hands with the closes
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Mature content
White Sound - Chapter Eight :iconanimonstar:Animonstar 0 0
White Sound - Chapter Seven
It was half past nine when Madison decided that she had better head home. Josh put her in a cab and watched her go, a subtle weight setting in his chest. But then he thought about the way she had smiled at him, and suddenly he felt more than alright.
He took his own cab to Greenhouse, the nightclub where Tom was waiting for him. Josh wasn’t much of a nightclub kind of guy, but he was feeling in the mood for a good time. He texted Tom that he was on his way, but there was still no response by the time he arrived.
Nightclubs were difficult places for Josh to be in. The pounding bass of the music would give him migraines if he stayed too long, and the flashing lights disoriented him. Having a few drinks usually helped, so he headed straight for the bar and ordered his favorite drink, cherry noir Grey Goose vodka.
He downed it as a strong hand slapped against his back. “Nice of you to join the party,” Tom said, taking the seat beside him. “How was your date?”
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White Sound - Chapter Six
Madison sat in the back of the cab, rereading the note that Emily had handed her. “Meet me at the library. 7:00. I promise it’ll be worth your while.” She folded it back up and held it tight in her hand. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. The last thing she wanted was to encourage this behavior, so she convinced herself that she would just see what he wanted, and then be out of there as quickly as she came. Yeah, right. Who was she kidding? He had this obnoxious talent for keeping her around longer than she ever wanted. She wasn’t flattered, though. She saw the way he was with Emily, and she couldn’t help but think that she was just another girl for him to be charming with.
It was too late to change her mind. The cab pulled up to the library and all its glory. She was expecting him to be inside, waiting for her to look for him like she was babysitting. But no, he was sitting there on the steps, waiting for her, with that stupid smile on his fac
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White Sound - Chapter Five
Monday morning, Josh walked into Sarabeth’s like it was any other day. He breathed in contently through his nose as the familiar sounds and smells surrounded him. That sort of balance put him at ease. The girl that always flirted with him, Emily or something, was working this morning.
Her face lit up when he saw her take a seat in her section. “Good morning, Josh.”
“Morning. How have you been?”
She shrugged. “Just trying to pay the rent, you know? At least I got good-looking guys like you walking in to keep me occupied.”
Guys, huh?” he teased. “You been hanging around other guys, Em?”
She playfully smacked his shoulder with her pen. “Don’t even try it, Josh. I saw you in here the other day with that cute little bookworm.”
He smirked up at her and raised an eyebrow. “Don’t think you have anything to worry about, sweetheart. She’s cute no doubt, but I’ll be damned if she
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White Sound - Chapter Four
Thank god it’s the weekend, Josh thought as he set up a new canvas to begin a new painting. He put the previously unfinished one on the floor along with dozens of other; it wasn’t uncommon for him to start new projects before finishing others. He pulled a pencil from behind his ear and began to lightly sketch out the first thing that came to his mind. The soft curves made him smile unconsciously as he drew them out from memory. He made the eyes exactly how he remembered them: cold, ambiguous, vulnerable, and obscure. But still, they were gorgeous, light brown with flecks of gold that warmed his heart and also kept him at a distance. This muse of his was a mystery like none he had ever tried to solve. Everything had come easy to him for the most part up until now. She had only been in his life a brief time already she was challenging him, daring him to go into dark places slowly and honestly, if he was willing.
How was he supposed to know if he was? It was like he had
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White Sound - Chapter Three
“Remind me again why you were hitting on Madison,” Josh said as he and Tom walked down 7th Avenue.
“You struck out. I figured she was fair game.”
“I didn’t strike out. Unlike you, I tend not to go after girls who will give it all up after a date or two. I prefer a challenge.”
“Well, I wish you luck with that little bookworm. Don’t expect me to get in your way. She’s not my type.”
“Thank god for that,” Josh said sarcastically.
He said goodbye to his womanizing friend and walked down to the subway. When the train arrived and he stepped on, he did a double take a smiled. “Hey, Madison.”
She looked up at him with surprise written all over her face. “Haven’t you boys bugged me enough?”
He took the seat beside her and the train departed. “Yeah, I heard Tom was giving you trouble at the library the other day. To be honest, I knew you were out of his league the minute I saw you.
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White Sound - Chapter Two
Madison Clarke was exhausted. It seemed like no matter how much she slept, she was always tired. But still, that didn’t change the fact that she had to get and shower. Her amber eyes were heavy and barely open as she dragged her feet across the hall into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and looked at her reflection in the mirror as it fogged.
She didn’t mind the way she looked. Some days, she even liked the way she looked. She liked her eyes, more so when they didn’t look so drained. Her body was about average, she thought, but slightly underweight because she had been a vegetarian for three years. Her light brown hair flowed down past her porcelain shoulders in soft curls. She had always been told how beautiful she was, so much so that she was kind of immune to it. She knew that she wasn’t unattractive, but there was a part of her that wished someone would come along and make her feel like she didn’t have to hide so much. She wanted somebody she cou
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White Sound - Chapter One
He woke up in the usual way, to a sloppy lick on the face from Calvin. Calvin Klein, a leggy and clumsy mongrel of a dog that Josh had picked up at a nearby shelter six months before.  Daily make out sessions every morning weren’t exactly what he had in mind when he brought Calvin into his SoHo loft. But dog breath aside, having a dog around the house proved to be more of a benefit to Josh than anything else. Having been deaf until getting his hearing back when he was six years old, the aspiring artist still retained his other heightened senses of smell, sight, hearing, and touch. He was still very sensitive to sound as well, noticing everything from Calvin’s long tail thumping against the wood floor while Josh is still digging for his key on the other side of the door, to the subways rumbling beneath his sneakers long before anyone else can hear them coming.
The overpowering stimulus of Manhattan is exactly why Josh moved to the crowded city in the first place. Everyt
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I know a girl better than anyone else
She is the love of my life and for that
She is flawless
I adore my lover with all that I am
And all that she is
This is what I love most of all
I know a girl with beautiful everything
Her eyes glisten against the sunrise
Her hair falls like the Niagara
Against her porcelain skin
Here heart is swollen like all things fresh in the spring
I know a girl without a face
She is the subject of all my dreams
Her laugh is infectious
Her smile brighter than the sun
Melting me with its gleam
I know a girl without a name
No song to sing when lonely
No sweetness to drink from her lips
As I have none to kiss at all
And no poison to breathe into this
This kiss with my invisible lover
:iconanimonstar:Animonstar 1 2
Like Silver Screens - Two
It was a crisp October morning, a day to have the heat turned up and a walk down the street to Starbucks planned out. It could have been such a relaxing day had it not been for my delightful canine companion racing out the door the moment I opened it to head down to the lobby to pick up the mail I had forgotten to grab the day before. I knew he would have come back within five minutes, but not going after him would have made me look careless. So there I was, sprinting down the stairs after my mutt of a dog for about the fiftieth time since I brought him home. Mr. Carlson had his back to me and his foot out the front door when I reached the lobby, his eyes glued to River as he stumbled onto the sidewalk and took a clumsy hard left. Ugly, stubborn, and a huge klutz, too. Could my boy be any more of a catch?
I barely had the time to apologize to Mr. Carlson as I shoved past him and caught a hairy blur run right past Starbucks and tumble right into an innocent bystander.
:iconanimonstar:Animonstar 1 0
Mature content
Like Silver Screens - One :iconanimonstar:Animonstar 1 2
Queen of My Heart
Queen of my heart,
Where do I start?
Love of my life,
Could I make you my wife?
Apple of my eye,
Sweet like chocolate pie
My forever girl,
My head’s in a whirl
My missing piece,
My heart flies like the geese
You’re truly an eleven
And you are my heaven
:iconanimonstar:Animonstar 5 4
This Girl
I’ve never asked for much, have I? Just happy living with the love of my life. And I’ve done so much thinking this year. I’ve tried giving my heart to more people than I’d like to admit. But I have to remember that it came so easily with her. She had my heart the moment I saw her, and every day after. And I’ve been in love with her for 10 months now. For 10 months we could’ve been so happy and I would have given her the world for every day that we were together. But the followers of faith stand between the only thing that completes me. The only one to ever love me, truly and sincerely.
The only one to fill me with butterflies at any and every moment we’re together or apart.
The only one to make me realize just what all those love songs are about.
The only one who I’ve ever truly wanted to share kisses with.
The only one to intoxicate me completely with just one whiff of her luscious skin.
The only one who I would give my heart to in a sec
:iconanimonstar:Animonstar 4 11
Nobody :iconwasplz::iconhereplz:


One Minute to Midnight by artsrock06 One Minute to Midnight :iconartsrock06:artsrock06 12 7 New York: Alphabet City by PeterKruczek New York: Alphabet City :iconpeterkruczek:PeterKruczek 12 0 NewYork by Vanessaxgisel NewYork :iconvanessaxgisel:Vanessaxgisel 54 12 Caskett by slaveformusic Caskett :iconslaveformusic:slaveformusic 54 6 Same Love by Coloran Same Love :iconcoloran:Coloran 83 55 Disney Sketches by JonathanEdward Disney Sketches :iconjonathanedward:JonathanEdward 185 70 Disney Sketches by mree Disney Sketches :iconmree:mree 4,682 402 Change the World by Dogs-of-Oregon Change the World :icondogs-of-oregon:Dogs-of-Oregon 57 16 I'll Be Back by KurGuardianz I'll Be Back :iconkurguardianz:KurGuardianz 225 74 It's A Deal by Jaded-Night It's A Deal :iconjaded-night:Jaded-Night 102 27
Cheesey Lovey Stuff. No need to read! D:
I was just thinking about the day me and Nadine met..come to think of it, none of you know the story. Whenever I think about it I get all happy and stupid aaaa. :icondragondepressedplz: :heart:
I figured I'd just type it all out to make you guys go "awww"
Bout a year and a half ago while I was still in high school I went to art club for the first or second time after school. It's a little fun get together in the artroom where you just..chill and draw or whatever lol. o3o
So I was just sitting at a table being a derpfuck with my friend Sedona. We were just drawing and stuff..
"ohey I'm Nadine and uh I like your drawing :3"
and I was all *blushyface* and thinking "um. thank you random hot stranger asian chick<3 :'D"
I said Thank you,
Then about 5 minutes later, she got up and sat across from me. aaand she randomly started crying. I felt bad for her, but being the stupid ass I am I just sat the
:iconmala-kai:Mala-kai 8 36
Don't Support Peta by nissandriver217 Don't Support Peta :iconnissandriver217:nissandriver217 54 68 Anjie at the park by K-liss Anjie at the park :iconk-liss:K-liss 7 3 Ice Age 4: Shira tutorial by juliajm15 Ice Age 4: Shira tutorial :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 200 21 Shira Full Body Tutorial by juliajm15 Shira Full Body Tutorial :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 239 25



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Well first of all, I'm sure that no one besides Randi is reading Like Silver Screens, but I suppose this entry is necessary anyway. As much as I love that story and the characters in it, I don't think I'll be updating the story as often as I had originally planned. I'm not quite ready to give up on it, since it's been stuck with me since I was like 13, but new ideas are coming to me all the time...ideas for stories that in the long run would probably end up being better than LSS. It's a cute story and all, but just don't expect it to be updated so quickly as it used to.
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